SAMSUNG USB Drivers for Mobile Phones v1.5.16.0

SAMSUNG USB Drivers for Mobile Phones v1.5.16.0

Here, on this section are Samsung’s latest USB Drivers available for download, if you want to install the Samsung USB drivers without downloading and to install the full Kies package, then you need to download and install the USB drivers compatible with your Samsung device.

A device driver is a specific computer program that controls a specific device connected to your PC, a driver communicates with your device if this specific device is connected (attached to a computer).

Drivers are hardware-dependent and OS (Operating- System)-specific. That’s why each device has need a specific driver to communicates with your PC.

Download SAMSUNG USB Drivers for Mobile Phones (x86 & x64) v1.5.16.0

These drivers are for Samsung Galaxy S, SII, SIII and ALL other SAMSUNG Android Phones.

The installation process is easy, I will share the steps about:

How to install the Samsung drivers on your computer.

  1. Download the Samsung Drivers from the bellow link.
  2. Uninstall previous drivers from PC Control Panel.
  3. After that reboot your computer.
  4. Now installs new drivers.
  5. And reboot your PC again.
  6. The last thing you need to do is to plug in your Samsung device.

Also, you can download SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface Driver v2.9.505.831 from here

Please, do let us know in our comments section if the Download Samsung USB drivers and installation process was ok, if not, please share with us your issues, and we will try our level best to help you.



  • André Verwijs

    Latest version is v1.5.18.0 Where can i get it..!!

    • Ion

      Hi Andre,
      Click on the “Via” link at the end of above article. and in source of this article you’ll find the v1.5.18.0. Please let me know if it working for you.

    • Dert

      I checked another site, and the latest version is v1.5.27.0.

  • 9androidnet

    Download The Lastest Android USB Drivers: