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How to Make the Most Of Android Nougat’s New And Improved Notifications

If you survey Android users, they will agree that notification alert is one of the strongest points in the Android operating system. Android gives you more control and Android Nougat 7.0 gives even more control. Google has worked well to improve upon many of these alerts in the Android OS, so you can expect more refined alerts to get important information.

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This notification works the way it functions in the Marshmallow, they pop up at the top of the screen when they arrive. It is possible to push them away with a simple swipe action. You can notice the subtle differences in the lock screen before you swipe or tug down to launch the Quick Reply. You’ll need to unlock the device with the fingerprint reader, PIN, passcode, or pattern.These new notifications are placed together when they are coming from the same app. The name of the icons has been reduced and put to the top left of each card.

Google has also made some minor adjustments here and there considering the aesthetic requirements of Android Nougat, but it is still possible to swipe away the notifications. You can achieve the same result by long pressing on the alert. In case you want further control on the notification alerts, choose More Settings option. It will direct you to another screen that enables you to choose from additional settings. Read the last sub head to know more about it.

It’s also possible to block the app completely, show notifications while keeping them silent, and allowing them on the lock screen.

Quick reply has also got the makeover

The quick reply option has become even better with good and subtle, redesign. Now when you touch the reply button, the color changes in the bar where you type your response. Now it is easier to focus eyes while writing the message as color contrast as become much better. These changes will certainly make the user experience even better.

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Further customization

Do you want to change the way you receive notifications from a certain app?It is possible to customize your notification further, tap the More Settings button which will further take you to another screen where you can customize your settings even further. In order to access this feature, just nudge in from the right to the left. There are more notification options that include the ability to prevent notifications from showing on the lock screen or “Do Not Disturb” mode.

So these changes and improvements will enhance the enjoyment of Android Nougat, just you need to do little tweaking. You will also like the new changes.




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