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Huawei Mate 9: 6 Tips and Tricks That You Can Try

Huawei Mate series is known for big display phones or popularly called phablets. The latest entrant to this family is Huawei Mate 9 and, the Chinese company has the intention to get benefits from the unfortunate failure of Samsung Note 7. However, the Mate series has carved its own niche among admirers of the metallic body, slim design, and a fast processor. We are bringing some of the unique features of Huawei Mate 9 for you.

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  1. Activate an app drawer

In Huawei’s previous models, all apps were on Home Screen. With Mate 9 the company introduced an App Overview feature to its users. With the help of this app, you can hide the app you don’t use frequently. This can be activated by selecting Home Screen Style under Settings menu.

  1. Make use of a dual sim widget

One of the variants of Mate 9 i.e. NHA-L29 is a dual sim compatible phone. This feature is useful for you if you use two sim cards. You just need to add Dual card management widget to the home screen for ease of access.

  1. Show more content on display

With this feature, you can adjust the size of icons and fonts since Huawei Mate 9 doesn’t use the screen to the maximum limit. Hence, it gives you choice that you can shrink apps and fonts to display more content on the home screen.

How to use

Go to Settings > Display > adjust View mode and Font size according to your need.

  1. Make most of the impressive screenshot function

One of the most unique features of Huawei’s Mate 9 is the screenshot function. Unlike other smartphones, you just need to knock on the phone’s display to capture a screenshot. It also has a Scroll shot feature through which you can capture multiple screen content in a single screenshot. You can do it by knocking twice with your knuckles on display and this feature starts to record the screen.

  1. Use volume profiles

The user profile of Mate 9 has been designed in a way that does not disturb other’s privacy without missing important notifications. You can manage all this through the Profile manager feature of Mate 9. Use volume profile wisely and you can manage notifications, alarms, sounds and even vibration or you can even preset a specific mode for an event. Just go to Settings and set Time/Event rules under Do not disturb.

  1. Get one hand savvy

One issue users face while operating their phablets is that you can’t use it with a single hand due to its dimensions. With One-handed mode from Mate 9, you can easily operate it with one hand. When enabled, this feature makes your Mate 9 to act as if it were a 5- inch in size. However, if you want the feel of a phablet, disable the feature. Here is how to do it

Go to Settings > Intelligent support > and then disable UI One-handed mode.


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