Download Google Play Store APK v3.10.10

The Android Market APK now is re-brand as Google Play Store, and in our article you can find the links for download the Google Play Store APK 3.10.9  and the latest  Google Play 3.10.10 version. The web address in the past was the but now the address is Google Play Store is the place for all the android users to search and download for installing their favorite Android applications.

Download Google Play Store APK v3.10.10

This latest version of Google Play Store 3.10.10 comes with a small upgrade. This version  looks like a bug fixer release and for users who can’t wait from Google to push this update into their Android devices, they can download the APK file from the links listed in this article, and to install manually this new version. I will share for you a detailed step by step guide with instruction to Install Google Play Store APK 3.10.10.

How to Install Google Play Store APK 3.10.10 – Guide

  1.  First, download the Google Play Store v3.10.10 APK file from the listed link. If the APK file is downloaded in your computer, then you need to transfer this file in your Android device.
  2. Now, enable manual installation of apps on your smartphone or tablet(by default it is disable). For Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above follow this path: Settings » Security and there enable “Unknown Sources”. For Android 2.3 and below follow this path: Settings » Application and there enable the “Unknown Sources”
  3. Now, download Solid Explorer App, it is a file manager, or any file manager like My Files app on Samsung Galaxy devices.
  4. Open the file explorer application and navigate in the folder where you have the downloaded Google Play APK file. (In your phone,  it is possible to be in the Download folder if you downloaded the apk file with your Android device.
  5. Search the downloaded Google Play Store APK file and tap on it, the file is like this name plstore3.10.10.apk, after that the installation begins and now all you need to do is to wait until the installation is complete.

That’s it. Now you successfully learnt How to Install Google Play Store APK. We recommend you that you reboot your Android device after the installation, and when you will see the home screen you’ll be able to use the updated/ installed version of Google Play Store and after that you can install whatever Android app you wish

If you’re are not able to install the Google Play Store APK manually in your android device, let us know via our comments section.

In case you don’t want to update the Android Market / Google Play Store with this manually method, then you can wait until it becomes available for your Android device and then you can take this update automatically.

  • adam

    After installing play store,I opened and it crashes I can’t do anything with it. It just keeps crashing

    • Ion

      What kind of Android device do you have?

      • miranda

        I have the same problem as adam, I have the 7″ tablet PMID703C

  • LaLa

    I have the same problem…it says Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped and then doesn’t do anything

  • shiv

    Whn I download any application dan …….error retirving information from server

  • pagoo2

    I have a NextBook tablet. I followed the instructions and when I launch the Play Store it flashes for a second, then disappears. Any suggestions?

  • Jannisz

    Same problem here. I have a kyros coby mid 8042. I start the app, it flashes and stops. Any suggestions?

  • Ahmed

    Ive done all the steps but when it comes to installing there is an eror ‘Parse Error’ further saying ‘there is a problem parsing the pakage’ :( Help Out

    • Chelsea Heyd

      Same here. I have the samsung galaxy s

  • Mugoya

    My problem is that it opens then closes suddenly

  • GIGI

    It keeps crashing. it doesnt accept the manager. any idea how to make it work?

  • rich

    i cant even install, it crashed