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Fracta Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpapers are designed to give us an enjoyable experience and more diversity on our smartphone or tablet, many applications of this kind can be downloaded from the Play Store, but today we bring to your attention Fractal Live Wallpaper. Fracta Live Wallpaper is an application for your Android device that allows you to set many different backgrounds based on polygonal shapes, with diverse colors that give a touch of originality to our screen.

The developer has created enjoyable 3D perspective themes that will meet the tastes of those that like the abstract geometric shapes. Some themes are triangles, and others are more complex using combinations of triangles of the same color to create more elaborate forms.

There is a free version, which includes three different styles of background and some basic settings, and a paid version (with a price of $1.99) with many different themes, each with its own peculiarities, in addition to the settings for customize colors and shapes.

The interesting thing about Fracta Live Wallpaper is that gives the possibility to export the background as a still image, to be available as a classical background.

To install the free Fracta Live Wallpaper for your Android device go to this link and if you want the pro version tap here.

Note that given the fact that we are talking about live wallpapers, you should know that they will affect to some extent the battery life, so you must be prepared for this.


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