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Download Facebook 3.6.1 Apk For Android With Animated Stickers In Messages

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Good news for all Android-based device users! A new release of official Facebook app is now available for download, the new version in named Facebook app for Android 3.6.1.

As you know the official app of Facebook for Android devices allows its users to post photos, text status update and keep up all your activity and also your friends’ activity with it.

After you download and install it when it’s opened on the main page in Facebook application for Android, you’ll be able to see different parts of your Facebook network such as news feed, new updated photos, friends’ activity, inbox messages, your profile and the friends’ profiles, new notification, new friend requests, and more.

The new iteration comes with new features, bug fixes and some improvements. In the new version change log, we find the possibility to save photos to your phone from the photo viewer. You can see now on your Home device’ screen the new notification from your Facebook friends, when you tour with your device on. This new feature is available for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X and Nexus 4.

The Facebook app for android version 3.6.1 comes with some animated stickers in messages for Android 4.0.2 and higher.

Moreover, the new version also brings with it some bugs fixing feature such as a bug that caused News Feed to show blank spaces where there should have been photos.

The new iteration comes with a new feature that allows you control the music you’re listening right from your lock screen; also you’ll be able to see the status bar at the top of your lock screen by default.

Download Facebook 3.6.1 apk for android. 

You can download from above link the Facebook application for android 3.6.1 apk version, or you can download the latest Facebook app directly form Google Play Store via this link.



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