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Customize your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpaper [free download]

Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpaper

If you are going for new, official wallpaper of announced Samsung Galaxy S5, a deviantArt member Shimmi1 has built “piece by piece, vector by vector” (as he says) a remake of so demanded BLUE wallpaper from new Samsung Galaxy.  Shimmi1 has replicated the Samsung Galaxy S5 look, which you can have now on your handset. The Galaxy S5 will probably take pride place as the new favorite of the Android with its own unique, triangular wallpaper design.

What is interesting about this newly-unmasked Galaxy S5 wallpaper is that it is not a leak per se.

Often this is the case when somebody gets hold of a ROM dump, extracts the images, and distributes them to the users, and while we are waiting for this to happen with the new  Galaxy S5, the wallpaper you will download had, for lack of a more apt phrases, organically sourced.

As you can see, Shimmi1 has done an amazing job, and although we will have to wait for Samsung Galaxy S5 ROM leaks before we will know how close he has emulated the actual wallpaper, with no doubt that, for now, this is very close.

Since this is just an image, you can download it as wallpaper for any device, like Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, but probably the aspect ratio and resolution of your handset will have a strong influence on how nicely it looks as a new background.

If you want to take a look through Shimmi1’s deviantART page, you will find that he is quite professional when it comes to this thing, with another, more colorful Galaxy S5 wallpaper also on display.


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