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These are the coolest things you can do with Google Home

So you have bought Google Home, but you don’t know what its features are. Don’t worry we are here to handhold you.

Google Home is your perfect companion

Google Home and Amazon Echo are similar type of products, but Google Home is one notch above its closest rival since it is tightly integrated with Google. So those who love in the Google world, a simple voice command can help you unlock a ton of information to make your smart device perform effectively. You can do a lot of things with it and it understands a long list of commands. The vase type platform will become smarter overtime.

Stream music

Even if you forget its other features, you can’t ignore that it’s a high-quality speaker. This much smarter than Bluetooth speaker. You can use Google Cast function to stream Spoitify or other Cast enabled apps right to your home device.  The best part is that you don’t need to touch it again and again.

Replace your desktop speakers

Google Cast is now built-in into Chrome browser and you can put it into use if you don’t have good set of speakers.  The moment you hit the cast button, look for your Home device.

Find your phone

IFTTT makes Google home a powerful device and it can even track your phone in case you have misplaced it. You just need to command it to find my phone and then it will place a phone call. To do that you just need to verify the number and jump through a couple of steps at the time of first time making a connection.

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Lights on, lights off

This is one of the biggest promises of Google Home as it will be voice controlled hub of all smart devices in your home, so your lights will be turned on and turned off at the simple voice command. You just need to say OK Google, good night” before heading to bed. That command works specifically with LIFX, although you can see much more feature added in future.

Touch for what you want

It does not just work on the voice command to control Google Home, it has some hidden commands also. You just need to tap once to awaken your Google Home or to pause and un-pause a broadcast. Since the Google Home is built and controlled by Google.

Your shopping friend

Google Assistant will create a separate note in Keep labeled “Google Assistant shopping list.” You can add or remove any item at your own disposal. Just say “OK Google add bear to my shopping list” and it will be done. So you can think of ditching your pen and paper.


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